Private Pool Design at Home

Private Pool Design at Home

Private swimming pool is one of the luxurious facilities that almost wants to be owned by people living in large housing. In addition to giving a prestigious impression on a dwelling, this facility, in fact, provides a cool balance for some people who believe in Fengshui, with its water elements.

And need to be considered when designing, adjust to the area of land owned, the depth, until the water circulation to keep clean. Here are some interesting steps that can be applied to you who want to have their private pool design.

Land Planning for Private Pools

For the initial design stage of the swimming pool, at least the minimum land size of 6 x 3 meters, but if you only have a narrow land, 3 x 3 is considered sufficient, but has been combined with other features, such as rear garden or side of the house. As well as a land to set up a storage basin to regulate pond water filtration to keep it clean.

Private Pool Rate Calculation at Home

For the cost of design a private pool to be prepared, which needs to be considered is the basic costs such as the construction of concrete casting and service by the builder, as well as the cost of patching and installation of ceramics.

Then additional costs such as filtration, water vacuuming costs, sludge sediments that often appear at the bottom of the pond, pipe. And should not be left behind for maintenance and processing such as disinfectant, lime and alum, electrical installation to swimming pool equipment.

Private Pool Design For Families

Simply put, the design of this private swimming pool has two parts of the pool, one for the adult pool one more for children. Indeed, on a narrow land, both are often used as one, only done a slope that jutted in at a certain point to make it a swimming pool for adults.

Dynamic Swimming Pool Design (No Square)

The swimming pool is dynamic as the image above, often owned by families in Europe as well as in the American mainland. Its function is more widely used for home decoration, or just enjoy a soak in the summer.

Rarely functional for sports. A design like this does cost more expensive but looks more beautiful. Just give the staircase stairs on one edge of the pool that can be used to stand.

Dynamic Swimming Pool Design (No Square)

Square Swimming Pool Design

Swimming pool with the design like this most owned by Asian people, especially Indonesia. In addition to the cost of making cheap, a pool with a view of the box was more easily done.

From the start of excavation, flattening, to the arrangement of pond frames, all are easy to do. But keep in mind is a pool like this precisely difficult to clean because the angle is often overgrown with moss, so it takes extra time to clean it.

Indoor or Outdoor Swimming Pool Design

Indoor or Outdoor Swimming Pool Design

Indoors, outdoor or semi-closed, the application of a swimming pool at home of course done with the purpose and the rest of the land owned.

Indoor is often used in hot urban areas to avoid the sunshine, and the more popular outdoor so you can enjoy the atmosphere of the night while swimming.

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