How to Renovate Your Kitchen with A Tight Budget?

How to Renovate Your Kitchen with A Tight Budget

The kitchen is one of the rooms in the house that is often visited, usually as a place for cooking activity or dining. So no wonder if the kitchen at home is often dirty and looks unkempt. Although we as the owner is always trying to keep the kitchen look charming. If you are looking for a new look in the kitchen, then maybe now is the best time to do a kitchen remodelling.

A clean and impressed kitchen will make the family members not only comfortable to cook and eat in the kitchen but will also decrease the chance of the family members to buy meals outside. This is certainly good, because with no takeaway snacks, then there will be no money wasted to buy food.

Unfortunately, many of us are still worried about the budget needed to renovate the kitchen. Many families usually precede their spirits first if there is a plan to renovate the kitchen. The shadow of the amount of money that must be removed becomes a barrier to change the look of the kitchen for the better.

Well, you shouldn’t worry anymore! Because through this article we will give you hacks about the kitchen renovation that will be definitely valuable for you. However, before you start renovating, you should check whether or not you own asbestos product inside the kitchen.

When you have any asbestos product, you must remove them properly first. There are a lot of services you can find in Melbourne that you can find. Or you can just discuss it with expert at asbestos removal Melbourne they will be glad to help find right removalist for you.

1. Color the Cabinet and Wall with New Paint

The first tip to replace the look of a home kitchen is to replace the cabinet and kitchen wall paint. Make the walls and cabinets more shiny with new paint. You can also pour the creative side by changing the paint colour different to the previous colour, so it will not saturate.

How to Renovate Your Kitchen with A Tight BudgetIf you have determined the colour, then calculate how much budget is needed to paint all the parts you want to paint. If it takes a lot, then just buy a bucket. This way you don’t have to change all of the kitchen set which will cost you a lot!

2. Replace the Old Tools

If the tool in the kitchen is outdated and used too long, then it should be replaced. You should replace them with a more stylish one; the new tool will also beautify the look in the kitchen. For example, a frying pan or gas stove that has been dull can be replaced with a new one despite having many memories in it.

There are many cheap gas stoves or skillets in good quality with more modern looks in the market at this time. You can come to the supermarkets and enter the kitchen equipment area to get inspiration models of modern and futuristic kitchen utensils. If lucky, you may just get a discount when buying the kitchen utensil product you want.

3. Replace Old Tiles in the Kitchen

Not only the wall, cabinet or tool, but the tiles also need to be noticed. Tiles in the kitchen that have long been used, usually looks dull and dirty, therefore, replace the tiles with colours and new models. It must be included on the list of renovations.

Glossy tiles and different motifs will keep you fresh and vibrant every time you enter the kitchen area. If bored with ceramic tiles, then can try an alternative by using wooden tiles.

4. Replace the Kitchen Lamps with New Ones

Another tip in renovating the kitchen that can be done is to replace the lamp. In the kitchen area, although lighting is not the main part, but with the provision of a unique model of lights and unusual placement will give the impression that the kitchen looks different.

The use of beautiful lights can make the passion of cooking back raging. You can try to use more efficient LED lights and choose colours that match the colours of the walls and cabinets in your kitchen.

5. Set Up the Tools

One more thing, before renovating the kitchen on a large scale, pays attention to the part of the kitchen that can be fixed which is a matter of setting the equipment. The kitchen may look messy when the kitchen equipment is not neatly arranged and left lying in the kitchen area.

Lay the kitchen equipment neatly to make the kitchen look more beautiful and unsightly. With the well-organised kitchen utensils, cooking sessions will become easier, as the necessary tools are always in place.

To beautify the kitchen, in addition to rearranging equipment neatly, you can also add kitchen trinkets to make the kitchen look more alive and luminous. For example, buy a cover for a water dispenser or a beautiful tissue box. Then set in such a way to match the look of the kitchen.

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