My name is Jessica, I am nobody and I am nothing basically. Here I am just trying to comply with my desire to share with others. It is possible that what I do is beneficial to myself, thank goodness that others participate in the spray. One of them, hopefully, you.

Born in 1976, I live in Sunshine Coast, where I spend my days juggling myself between work, home, family and children, but as soon as I can, I move out from my corner world. I could call myself a “lifelong” coach, always in search of new ideas and with the strong desire to improve my passion in writing. In everything I do, I put a lot of passion and enthusiasm, and although I am deeply shy, I hope to be able to convey the emotions I experience.

For fellow bloggers (as well as other visitors) who want to share knowledge, discuss, criticize, suggest a post, exchange links and ask anything that is not accommodated in my post article can use the discussion form on my contact page. (As far as possible, any colleagues who leave comments, I will visit later).