7 Beautiful Closets with Sliding Doors

7 Beautiful Closets with Sliding Doors

The idea of a closet always sounds fun. How to make it no longer just standards, can be created with various shapes and most important: all the clothes, bags and shoes neatly stored!

It’s no longer a monotonous box thing or a variety of clothes lying all over the room. Although with limited funds and less large space, you can get a closet with a functional sliding door. Here are the collects ideas for you:

1. Acrylic

modern Bedroom by Arconada Armarios


Not only wood and glass, but acrylic is also good for sliding door wardrobe material. The colour is neutral select only, and unique when there are lights are turned on, the light bounces. Can be in the room, or indeed a special room for the closet.

2. Wardrobe with Transparent Sliding Door


The sliding door is the right choice to outsmart the narrow room. Not seized place, and also flexible. If your room is also a walk in closet, then the sliding door for the closet is a brilliant idea. With this kind of blur glass material, it gives wide effect and is not cramped.

3. Wood Sliding Door


The Wooden sliding door style is widely used in Japan, but in Indonesia also still relevant you know! Pair it with a closet, and the function is double. Not only as a door but also sweetener in the room.

4. As in Doraemon Cartoon


If you see the Doraemon cartoon, this cute cat robot’s bed is in a closet with a sliding door. Like this is not it? Bring your childhood memories into a cabinet with classic sliding doors. Choose a solid wood material and durable, so as not to damp inside.

5. Wardrobe in Teenage Children’s Room


How about painting the colourful cabinet door? Could be, like this! A blend of purple and white gradations, perfect for your daughter’s room. Not only that, but the room is also so colourful is not it?

6. Minimalist Style Wardrobe


If not carefully viewed, then we do not know if the ‘wall’ of two colours that is a closet with a sliding door! A brilliant idea, to disguise it to stay visible together with its surroundings. If you put this cupboard even in the family room, it will not interfere at all.

7. White Retractable Cabinet


To cover the closet sample with a sliding door, we arrive at a sweet example. Sliding doors are white, varnished neatly. Wall colour but shinier, bringing its atmosphere in your room.

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