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7 Beautiful Closets with Sliding Doors

7 Beautiful Closets with Sliding Doors

The idea of a closet always sounds fun. How to make it no longer just standards, can be created with various shapes and most important: all the clothes, bags and shoes neatly stored!

It’s no longer a monotonous box thing or a variety of clothes lying all over the room. Although with limited funds and less large space, you can get a closet with a functional sliding door. Here are the collects ideas for you:

1. Acrylic

modern Bedroom by Arconada Armarios
By Arconada Armarios


Not only wood and glass, but acrylic is also good for sliding door wardrobe material. The colour is neutral select only, and unique when there are lights are turned on, the light bounces. Can be in the room, or indeed a special room for the closet.

2. Wardrobe with Transparent Sliding Door

By Elfa Deutschland GmbH


The sliding door is the right choice to outsmart the narrow room. Not seized place, and also flexible. If your room is also a walk in closet, then the sliding door for the closet is a brilliant idea. With this kind of blur glass material, it gives wide effect and is not cramped.

3. Wood Sliding Door

By Homify


The Wooden sliding door style is widely used in Japan, but in Indonesia also still relevant you know! Pair it with a closet, and the function is double. Not only as a door but also sweetener in the room.

4. As in Doraemon Cartoon

By Kreative Point s.n.c


If you see the Doraemon cartoon, this cute cat robot’s bed is in a closet with a sliding door. Like this is not it? Bring your childhood memories into a cabinet with classic sliding doors. Choose a solid wood material and durable, so as not to damp inside.

5. Wardrobe in Teenage Children’s Room

By Muebles Ebanos


How about painting the colourful cabinet door? Could be, like this! A blend of purple and white gradations, perfect for your daughter’s room. Not only that, but the room is also so colourful is not it?

6. Minimalist Style Wardrobe

By Muebles Flores Torreblanca


If not carefully viewed, then we do not know if the ‘wall’ of two colours that is a closet with a sliding door! A brilliant idea, to disguise it to stay visible together with its surroundings. If you put this cupboard even in the family room, it will not interfere at all.

7. White Retractable Cabinet



To cover the closet sample with a sliding door, we arrive at a sweet example. Sliding doors are white, varnished neatly. Wall colour but shinier, bringing its atmosphere in your room.

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Private Pool Design at Home

Private Pool Design at Home

Private swimming pool is one of the luxurious facilities that almost wants to be owned by people living in large housing. In addition to giving a prestigious impression on a dwelling, this facility, in fact, provides a cool balance for some people who believe in Fengshui, with its water elements.

And need to be considered when designing, adjust to the area of land owned, the depth, until the water circulation to keep clean. Here are some interesting steps that can be applied to you who want to have their private pool design.

Land Planning for Private Pools

For the initial design stage of the swimming pool, at least the minimum land size of 6 x 3 meters, but if you only have a narrow land, 3 x 3 is considered sufficient, but has been combined with other features, such as rear garden or side of the house. As well as a land to set up a storage basin to regulate pond water filtration to keep it clean.

Private Pool Rate Calculation at Home

For the cost of design a private pool to be prepared, which needs to be considered is the basic costs such as the construction of concrete casting and service by the builder, as well as the cost of patching and installation of ceramics.

Then additional costs such as filtration, water vacuuming costs, sludge sediments that often appear at the bottom of the pond, pipe. And should not be left behind for maintenance and processing such as disinfectant, lime and alum, electrical installation to swimming pool equipment.

Private Pool Design For Families

Simply put, the design of this private swimming pool has two parts of the pool, one for the adult pool one more for children. Indeed, on a narrow land, both are often used as one, only done a slope that jutted in at a certain point to make it a swimming pool for adults.

Dynamic Swimming Pool Design (No Square)

The swimming pool is dynamic as the image above, often owned by families in Europe as well as in the American mainland. Its function is more widely used for home decoration, or just enjoy a soak in the summer.

Rarely functional for sports. A design like this does cost more expensive but looks more beautiful. Just give the staircase stairs on one edge of the pool that can be used to stand.

Dynamic Swimming Pool Design (No Square)

Square Swimming Pool Design

Swimming pool with the design like this most owned by Asian people, especially Indonesia. In addition to the cost of making cheap, a pool with a view of the box was more easily done.

From the start of excavation, flattening, to the arrangement of pond frames, all are easy to do. But keep in mind is a pool like this precisely difficult to clean because the angle is often overgrown with moss, so it takes extra time to clean it.

Indoor or Outdoor Swimming Pool Design

Indoor or Outdoor Swimming Pool Design

Indoors, outdoor or semi-closed, the application of a swimming pool at home of course done with the purpose and the rest of the land owned.

Indoor is often used in hot urban areas to avoid the sunshine, and the more popular outdoor so you can enjoy the atmosphere of the night while swimming.

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Interior Design Tips Living Room Minimalist

Interior Design Tips Living Room Minimalist

A living room is perfect if given the inside design of a minimalist living room. A minimalist living room does not mean you only put minimalist furniture and wall paintings are small, but also pay attention to the function and also the arrangement of furniture.

The living room is one of the most viewed parts of the house when visiting our home. Therefore, the design used for the arrangement of the living room is critical to note.In fact, in some homes, the living room is often used as a room for the image of the house as a whole.

One type of interior design is the most widely used living room is a minimalist living room. A minimalist living room does not mean you only put minimalist furniture and wall paintings are small, but also pay attention to the function and also the arrangement of furniture. Here are some tips for designing a minimalist living room.

1. Make a Wide Impression on the Room

If your living room is small, there is not much you can do. However, several ways can be done to give a broad impression of the living room. One of them is by adding glass. Glass or mirrors are often used to make a large impression on the narrow range.

Also, the arrangement of furniture or furniture will also determine the extent or narrowness of the room. Therefore, before you buy furniture, you have to consider a lot of laying and spacious room.

2. Furniture Selection

Furniture Selection - Interior Design Tips Living Room Minimalist

The right furniture will make the interior design minimalist living room look elegant and luxurious. Also, laying furniture also determines your success in building a comfortable atmosphere in the living room.

Choose furniture that is destined to design a minimalist room. If your living room is not too big, choose furniture that is also not too eat the room. For laying, place the furniture by sticking to the wall. Use a small table that is the centre of the living room.

3. Wall Decoration

For wall hangings, modern minimalist home style is not too much use wall decoration. However, if you want to install family photos or paintings, do not use too big picture frames.

Simply frame boxes that do not have too many complex motives. Besides, other wall decorations should also be avoided because not all types of wall hangings can be suitable for a minimalist room.

4. Growing Elements

If you want a balance of natural elements in the living room, there’s nothing wrong if you add growing elements life into the living room. You can add a vase of flowers that contain live flowers or just put a pot of green plants that are still fresh.

5. Coloring

Do not also forget about the element of colouring in the interior design of the living room. Coloring in the living room should not use dark colours. However, sometimes dark colours such as brown, black, or navy blue can be utilised as long as it is combined with bright colours, such as white.

Also, to create a minimalist impression on the living room, you can still use the design of windows and doors that are unique and able to strengthen the minimalist impression on the living room.

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